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Hannah, first time Mum
Just a quick one to let you know baby Isabel arrived just before midnight on Saturday. I have attached some pictures. We both think she is rather wonderful! It all went incredibly well. We used the hypnobirthing loads during the pregnancy (as I had a tendency to get stressed/worried!), and the breathing techniques + visualisations were incredibly useful during the birth. The labor lasted from first twinge and waters breaking at 3am on Saturday morning, to just before midnight, with only 6 ½ hours of 'active labor'. Isabel was born at home, in the pool as planned, and I got to 'catch' her which I was really pleased about. All peaceful and lovely. The midwives were fantastic and fully respected all of our requests... The midwives commented (and keep commenting at all the postnatal checks!), about how calm we were and how amazing it was that the baby was 'breathed out'. I didn't tear – 'not even a scratch' was the midwives comment, just a little bruised. So feeling incredibly blessed and privileged to have experienced the natural home birth we had hoped for. I am quite certain we couldn't have done it without the tools you put in our tool box! A huge thank you from both Owen and I for your help and support. The KG hypnobirthing course you provided was fantastic and we are incredibly grateful and pleased we did it. We are telling everyone how helpful it was.
Hi! Saturday was my due date. We had him Sunday morning after they decided to induce me due to raised blood pressure and some other signs of pre eclampsia. Rupert was 10lb 3 and I used my breathing techniques in the first stage with a little entonox and even had the hormone drip up! I was absolutely over the moon with how well I coped... It's amazing what the breathing techniques alone can achieve... I honestly could not recommend the breathing techniques enough! I'll be telling all the women I look after to do them and will definitely be including hypnobirthing in my pain relief chat. Again, thank you so much.
Jade, Second time Mum and Midwife
Alice, first time Mum-to-be
Doing the Hypnobithing course with Kate was a fantastic experience. I feel completely empowered heading in to my third trimester and now know what I want from my birthing experience. Kate was informative, warm and a very reassuring teacher, helping my husband and I to feel relaxed and confident in our preparation for the birth of our first child. With Kate's guidance I have felt much more confident and positive and my husband has a clear role to play in supporting me in the birth and the preparation for it. We are practicing every day with every confidence of a positive birthing experience ahead of us. I really feel that every woman or couple should have the benefit of this course as it has been a complete education in learning to trust your instinct and your body. I cannot recommend Kate or this course highly enough.

N.B. Alice achieved a wonderful, natural waterbirth and called me straight after - such a privilege!
Kate, First time Mum
Hi there,
Wanted to let you know that I won't be needing to borrow your TENS machine after all because at 1:50am this morning I became a Mum after only 7 hrs of labour! Weighing in at 5lbs 4 and 34+6 days out little boy is doing really well but is just having a little help with his temperature. We'll be here for a while but hopefully no longer than a couple of weeks :)Thank you so much for the classes - I wouldn't have been anywhere near as confident or calm without them. I did my up breathing and just about managed to down breath although there was a lot of shouting at that point! Made it through with only 2 paracetamol (didn't touch the sides) and gas and air! And the latter was only once I was at the third stage! Thank you again Kate I know it wasn't what we planned but I think that without you, the hypnobirthing and the NCT it would have been a different story!
"hello Kate i hope you're super well! i cant remember who i have told and who i haven't its been such a haze but Phoenix Gibson Hatcher was born 9lb12 on Feb 20th at 3am all health and good ( albeit 12 days "overdue") i just wanted to say thanks again for your support during our course, what a total trip birth is!

I did it all on gas and air and everything on my birth plan (which was so influenced by you!!) was adhered to by lovely midwives at QEQM unit, I had music, warm pool, low lights, fake candles, clary sage, calm voices, no disturbances, only one examination when i arrived (at my request) and then no interventions except a doppler now and again. i breathed my way through contractions which saved my life and felt like i could handle it all thanks to our training. Perfect.

The twist in the tale comes as Phoenix was so huge, unbeknownst to us all, he got stuck when i was in the pool and bearing down so the midwives got me out and suggested everything in the book, all the positions, the stool bar you name it, to try and move him down past the pelvis but he didn't want to budge. I ended up having to flip onto my back at the last minute following a huge bleed, to see what was going on, and suddenly out he popped! Later leon said they actually had to pull him out by hand with four midwives trying to compress my perineum - after Phoenix was delivered on to me as i wanted, i realised ten mins later after being checked over, that I'd ended up with a third degree tear, so it was off for 45 mins in surgery, a spinal block and four days recovery on the ward. how opposite an experience can you get!?

You might think that such a heavily medicalised ending would be damaging to my memories, but i have to say that thanks to your advice of being ok with the less desired as well as the perfect outcome prepared me mentally very well indeed - the birth was such an intense, natural and empowering experience i didn't really mind about anything else, i actually found being in hospital helpful as i could ask midwives anything i wanted and the spinal blocker was pure heaven after 24 hours labour with nothing!

ANYway, sorry such a long email i wanted you to know that you really helped me and i'm almost healed totally now so will hopefully see you around margate soon!

I have such a newfound respect for anyone who has been through such an amazing thing as giving birth, you included!"

Emma, First-time Mum

"Hi Kate,
Thank you so much for a wonderful course. We thoroughly enjoyed it and found it all so interesting and massively beneficial already. I will definitely be recommending Hypnobirthing, and you, to everyone! I already feel quite evangelical about it even just for the fact that it improves your emotions and mindset during those last weeks of pregnancy. Rather than feel anxious and nervous. I (we) feel "calm, confident and serene" (except when Jack's not playing ball, as is the case this evening!) We will of course keep you posted! And thank you, it's so lovely to have your support and know you're there if we need you."

Em, Second time Mum

"You were absolutely brilliant and it exceeded all our expectations. I will be recommending you to every pregnant person I meet."

Emma, Second time Mum

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